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Big Bird, Little Pond

Tales From Inside A Tiny Little Ecosystem

3 March 1988
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.About Me
Daughter. Student. Writer. Fangirl. I'm a 24 year-old in the hazy transition between college and the 'real world'. Currently residing in my home-state of Michigan but am also familiar with the Ozarks of Missouri. Former band geek and eternal music lover. I like to read and write, cook, play the random video game. Hopefully, I'm more literate than this introduction is reflecting.

.My Fandoms
I mostly play within Harry Potter. I co-mod at interhouse_fest and hp_humpdrabbles. I write at pinksheep_wench and caliga_rpg. But I like to dabble over in Supernatural, Dr. Who, and anything Joss Whedon related. I also like to lurk around The Sims 2 for legacy stories (they're a really interesting multi-media form of story-telling). I'm an equal opportunity fangirl!

.Friending Policy
I have a semi-locked journal. Fanfic and some related memes are public but personal posts and some fandom things that having public could get me in trouble (eg. fanmixes) are locked. If you want to read the fic just Friend me, but if you want to see the personal stuff, leave a comment on my Friends Only post.

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Sailor Jupiter Is Tough Love

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