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Fic: It All Leads Me To You | Andromeda Tonks/Ted Tonks | PG-13

Title: It All Leads Me To You
Characters: Andromeda Black/Ted Tonks
Rating:: PG-13
Words: 206
Author's Notes: This was written for hp_humpdrabbles' 2010 Humpathon. scaratthedisco requested Ted/Andromeda with the prompt 'better than the others'. This is my first public foray into Andromeda/Ted so I hope you like it! Though I'm really stretching the bounds of credulity with a PG-13 rating. xD

She had been thrown at the feet of so many men, paraded past like a prize mare. Another pureblooded witch to make more pureblooded wizards. Her body and mind were inspected and scrutinized--seen, not heard--in the name of marital bliss and continued lineage.

An accidental hand here, a wink there. 'Proper' pureblooded wizards just waiting for the opportunity to own her. There was a heat in those eyes, a knowing, a wanting that left her cold.

But with a face such as hers and the name Black, her parents whispered, there was no telling how high she could take them all. If wild Bellatrix could have a Lestrange then what couldn't quiet Andromeda have?

The Malfoy's had a son near her age, they said.

No one bothered to ask what she wanted. And she did want.

Andromeda wanted the blond giant in her Herbology class with the gentle eyes and booming laugh. The muggleborn.

The mere brush of his hand made her wonder about the caress of his lips, the thrill of him between her thighs. He ignited a passion in her that she'd resigned herself to never knowing.

And when she did finally kiss him, soft and switfly behind the greenhouses, she knew. Ted Tonks tasted like freedom.

Tags: !het, character: andromeda tonks, character: ted tonks, comm: hp_humpdrabbles, fandom: harry potter, fic: drabble, genre: romance, pairing: andromeda/ted

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